Cristalplant - solid surface made in Italy

Cristalplant - solid surface made in Italy: a technologically advanced and unique compound, made up of high percentage of mineral extenders from nature as well as a small one of high-pureness polyester and acrylic polymers; therefore, it is an inert, hypoallergenic and non-toxic material. Italy solid surface, solid surface, bathtub, sink, cristalplant, cristalplant biobased, sink, bath, sink

Care and maintenance IT

Manutenzione Ordinaria Cristalplant

Ripristino lavabi, piatti doccia, vasche

Ripristino bruciature e macchie ostinate Tavoli

Care and maintenance EN

Cristalplant Daily Maintenance

Chipping restoration on Skins, Shower trays, Bathtubs

Burns and persistent stains restoration on table