Why us?

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Cristalplant® is an extremely innovative material characterised by a unique velvety texture that reminds the feel of natural stone. Its aesthetic qualities add to the technical ones: other materials in this sector are impossible to repair once scratched or chipped. Cristalplant®, the solid surface material produced by Nicos International, instead, is homogeneous throughout its thickness and can be therefore restored by simply rubbing its surface with a sponge and a small amount of a common abrasive cleaner. It is ideally used in contemporary design contexts.


Cristalplant® is a major asset for the companies of the “made in Italy” sector, the ideal material to give free rein to the creativity of architects and designers. With a not too high investment, it allows creating objects with high content in style and technology. This is why Cristalplant® is so appreciated especially in furniture design and in the design and manufacturing of shower trays, bathtubs, sinks, chairs, tables, kitchen counters, accessories and components. These are all products and achievements that, in addition to earning it prestigious awards both in architecture and design, have been exhibited in the major museums worldwide.

If you are an architect

Cristalplant® was created for the most demanding of designers both for industrial scale production and for limited editions.
Thanks to its unique finish and features, it can transform design ideas into real art objects and becomes an aesthetic element per se. Cristalplant® provides boundless stylistic freedom. Originally conceived to create the most diverse innovative shapes of bathtubs, over time it has expanded its scope to the manufacturing of objects such as tables, chairs, shelves, speakers, displays, cooker hoods, lamps and furniture in general. Cristalplant® is boundless in application and only requires designers who know how to interpret its spirit and features and to exalt its shape, essence and appearance.