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Busetti Garuti Redaelli

BUSETTI GARUTI REDAELLI “Being eclectic, being pragmatic. From the industrial product to the limited series, researching and sensitivity to define new interpretations.”
Manuela Busetti and Andrea Garuti meet while studying Industrial Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan. Already during the academic years, they face together the design issues and in 2004, the year of the XX Compasso d’Oro ADI, they receive the selection "Progetto Giovane" for their degree thesis project “Double”, an innovative cooler bag made of neoprene. Since 2004, they start personal collaborations with different studios of product and advance design in Milan and, at the same time, they undertake together the business of freelance and design for internationals competitions and for manufacturing companies of different sectors, tableware, bathroom fittings, sanitaryware, furniture, etc… In 2007, with the project “Culla Belly” they win the 1st prize in the international competition “Playing Design” of the city of Lissone in partnership with La Triennale Milano.
In 2008, they are both selected for the experimental project “Prime Cup 01” promoted by the Regione Lombardia and Triennale di Milano to improve the level of innovation of selected SMEs of Lombardy. The projects are exhibited and shown to the public in the Agora theater, at Triennale di Milano.
Matteo Redaelli graduates in 2007 at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan as Industrial Designer. In the same year, their three working lives meet during the common collaboration with a Design studio in Milan. In 2008, they start to work together on new projects combining their different skills and sensibilities. New collaborations begin with manufacturing companies of different sectors, kitchen and bathroom faucets, tableware, kitchenware, cooktops e ovens, furniture for indoor and outdoor, etc…
In 2010, they win the Cristalplant design contest promoted by Zanotta and Cristalplant with the project of an innovative coffee table, called “Naica“. In 2012, they win it again with the versatile project of the table “Verve” for Poliform. In 2014, the jury of the “Young & Design 2014″ select the upholstered chair “Log“, designed for Pedrali.

BUSETTI GARUTI REDAELLI industrial designer
via Maria Montessori, 6
20094 Corsico (MI) Italy
tel. +39 02 450 771 05
fax +39 02 450 702 37