USES AND APPLICATIONS: a technologically advanced and unique compound, made up of high percentage of mineral extenders from nature as well as a small one of high-pureness polyester and acrylic polymers; therefore, it is an inert, hypoallergenic and non-toxic material. Italy solid surface, solid surface, bathtub, sink, cristalplant, cristalplant biobased, sink, bath, sink


If the elegance and solid harmony of Cristalplant® seduce aesthetes, its functionality and versatility meet the latest trend of perceiving the bathroom as each home’s well-being and relaxation place, par excellence.

The particular composition of Cristalplant® bathtubs and shower trays, customizable in shape and colours, ensure a high level of hygiene – far higher than that of traditional materials such as wood, marble or imitation marble – and the consistency of products over the years. Thanks to its compact and waterproof surface, Cristalplant® withstands the test of time and is undeformable.

Compared to other materials used in bathroom furniture, which remain permanently defective once scratched or chipped, this innovative resin compound by Nicos International – whose texture reminds that of polished natural stone – can be easily restored by simply rubbing the surface with a sponge and a small amount of abrasive cleaner.

The advanced co-design service provided by the company comes from a staff of qualified experts in the designing process in support of the customers’ designers, as an element of accuracy and reliability that makes Nicos International a matchless technological and professional partner.

Cristalplant® is not only a bathroom furniture material, but is also excellent when used in furnishing accessories, cooker hoods, kitchen countertops as well as naval, hotel and construction furnishing and accessories.