Cristalplant - solid surface made in Italy

Cristalplant - solid surface made in Italy: a technologically advanced and unique compound, made up of high percentage of mineral extenders from nature as well as a small one of high-pureness polyester and acrylic polymers; therefore, it is an inert, hypoallergenic and non-toxic material. Italy solid surface, solid surface, bathtub, sink, cristalplant, cristalplant biobased, sink, bath, sink



Maddalena Padovani, editor in chief of Interni - the interview

What's the female role in the industrial design?  Let's discover it with Maddalena Padovani, editor-in-chief of Interni Magazine. Watch the video interview.


Fabrizio Crisà, design center Elica - the interview

What is the purpose of design?  Fabrizio Crisà, design center manager of Elica, is explaining it. 


Elisa Ossino & File Under Pop - the interview

The project "Variazioni" by Elisa Ossino was born from the vision to transform the space into a kind of three-dimensional painting and then to work with colours and coloured surfaces…


"Skyline", the Cristalplant Design Contest 2016 special mention.

The challenge to design a kitchen hood in Cristalplant for the design contest in collaboration with Elica was immediatly accepted by the two yo ung designers  Simone Bonanni and Attila Veress. The…


"Sale&Pepe", the 2016 special mention - Interview with the designers

"We like good food and we wanted to tell a story", that's the way the young designers Francesco Meneghello and Davide Lanfranco began to speak about their project "Sale&Pepe",…


Ellen Bernhardt, winner of the 2016 Cristalplant Design Contest - the interview

Ellen Bernhardt, a young German-born designer, stood out amongst the about 2,000 participants with a project that seized both the technical and technological peculiarities of Cristalplant Biobased…


Vittorio Pavarin, Cristalplant marketing director

What is the importance of a design contest such as the Cristalplant one? Watch the interview,  Vittorio Pavarin reveals it.   Elica, the world leader in kitchen hoods, played a key role on the…


Francesco Casoli, President Elica Group - the inteview

Why did Elica choose Cristalplant to design new products? Watch the video interview with Francesco Casoli and discover it!


Best moments of the 2016 Cristalplant Design Contest Awards Party

Watch the video to see the best moments of 2016 Cristalplant Design Contest Awards Ceremony at Fuorisalone! The Cristalplant Design Constest Awards go to Ellen Bernhardt, the winner with…


Variazioni - Fuorisalone 2016

Look at the sensory atmosphere and discover " Variazioni ", the exhibition presented for this edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan , during the Milano Design Week in via Solferino 11,…