Cristalplant - solid surface made in Italy

Cristalplant - solid surface made in Italy: a technologically advanced and unique compound, made up of high percentage of mineral extenders from nature as well as a small one of high-pureness polyester and acrylic polymers; therefore, it is an inert, hypoallergenic and non-toxic material. Italy solid surface, solid surface, bathtub, sink, cristalplant, cristalplant biobased, sink, bath, sink

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100% Made in Italy

The Cristalplant® solid surface material was designed at the Nicos International research and development centre. It is manufactured at the Nicos International technological headquarters in Italy


Cristalplant® is 100% recyclable


A fireproof (class 1), compact and non-porous material, durable and pleasant to the touch


This solid surface material is characterized by an excellent resistance to UV radiation


The specific composition of Cristalplant® guarantees high levels of hygiene and the durability of products over the years as it resists the wear of time and is non-deformable


Any kind of surface damage can be easily removed while maintaining the original appearance over time. This simple operation does not require the aid of an expert

The first sustainable solid surface material



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Cristalplant® adapts to any shape and concept. It is fluid, organic, perfectly smooth, circular or angular and faceted. Absolutely perfect to give your objects an unparalleled soft-touch effect.

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